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Technological Entrepreneurship

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About This Course

Course will help students understand what Technological Entrepreneurship is and what its features are. The students will not only be able to go through all stages of technology entrepreneurship development on their own but will also feel the peculiarities of the global project development in accordance with national approaches. The student will consistently pass all steps from the identification of entrepreneurial perspectives, the building of innovative processes in the organization, the development of an innovative organization, creating strategies for the technology business, evaluation of technological innovations, leadership development and constructive communication, planning finance and business models of technology entrepreneurship. .

Course Goal(s): To understand how science-based research and technological breakthroughs can be transformed into new business. To explore the frontier of current knowledge when it comes to creating value from technological inventions and managing early-stage commercialization processes Combine your technical expertise with business, finance and leadership skills to become a technology leader or entrepreneur. Recognize technology trends, align business needs and technology strategy, make business cases that justify investments.

Course Staff

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Aigerim Zuyeva

MSc in Computing and IT Management, Cardiff University Research-teacher at the School of Creative Industries aigerim.zuyeva@astanait.edu.kz

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Assel Nurgozhina

Associate Professor PhD in IT Science, Master of Economics School of Creative Industries assel.nurguzhina@astanait.edu.kz

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