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Quantitative analysis for Business


About This Course

Course description This course introduces the basic concepts of business data analysis and statistical computing, both increasingly used in the social sciences and the humanities. The emphasis is on the practical application of quantitative reasoning, visualization, and data analysis. The course mainly deals with the techniques of analysis of variance, multiple regression analysis and factor analysis, and with their specific application to research in the applied business disciplines.

Course goals
Course goals - The goal is to provide students pragmatic tools for assessing statistical claims and conducting their own basic quantitative analyses.

Course objectives:
- develop knowledge of the fundamental theory, concepts, statistical theory and application of quantitative data analysis; - apply data analysis to your area of business research such as a management, marketing, strategy; - conduct data analysis using linear regression and factor analysis; - critically discuss the validity of a business research study, that uses any of the different types of multivariate data analysis techniques covered in this course, with an academic researcher

Course Staff

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Professor Gaukhar Yeshenkulova

C.Ec.Sc. and Ph.D in Economics

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