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Psychology (2nd-3rd year students)

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Course description

This course provides an introduction to psychology for IT related majors. Topics given major consideration include maturation and development, motivation, emotion, and personality, mental health, intelligence, and aptitude; perception and attention; social influence, attitudes, beliefs, and vocational adjustments.

Course goal(s)

The purpose of mastering the course is to form students' holistic understanding of the theoretical concepts and practical methods of work of psychological science in solving everyday problems of a social and personal nature.

Course objectives

  • Use concepts, language, and major theories of the discipline;
  • Gain a working understanding of field of psychology and all it encompasses;
  • Explain the major perspectives of psychology: behavioral, biological, cognitive, humanistic, evolutionary, psychodynamic, and sociocultural;
  • Use the various topics covered in psychology, its history, its impact on society and individuals, and it’s limitations in real world applications;
  • Formation of critical thinking skills and ability to apply it in practice;
  • Apply psychological explanations as a foundation for understanding and problem solving.


Self-knowledge; Cultural Studies.

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Issakhanova Assel Alimakhanovna

Associate Professor in the Department of Social Sciences, PhD.

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