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Political science

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Course description

This course is an introduction to the basic theories and concepts in the Political Science, including: connection between everyday life with the political system; historical development of the area; political systems, ideologies & philosophies; international relations; and Kazakhstan’s profile in the framework of the studied discourses. Related topics include interdisciplinary areas, such as sociology, economy, culturology, public policy and security studies.

Course goal(s)

The main goal of the course is the formation of political worldview and critical thinking on political tendencies.

Course objectives

  • gain a working understanding of the field of Political Science and all it encompasses;
  • to explore the various topics covered in Political Science, its history, its impact on society and individuals, and its limitations in real world applications;
  • get acquainted with basic elements of political theory and political concepts;
  • acquire the capacity to interpret and assess political ideas and political behaviours in an independent manner;
  • develop argumentative skills on conflicting topics;
  • formation of critical thinking and functional literacy skills.


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Course Staff

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Diana Toimbek

Associate Professor in the Department of Social Sciences, PhD.

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