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Project Management

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About This Course

Course description Project management course will concentrate on the basics of the project from the project manager’s position. Students will understand the company’s decision-making processes from the inception of the project and acquire knowledge of how to start and control new and existing projects in a particular area, examines the specific features of the development of project initiation, plan, execution, monitoring and closing under certain restrictions including scope, timeline, budget and resources

Course goals
Course goals - understanding basic of the project management tools, processes, and planning skills - recognizeing the major concepts for starting the new projects and methods of controlling and monitoring it of the IT business units and how they tailor to different project scenario for economic situations; - rising a working knowledge of project management techniques, approaches, and skills required to balance and implement short and long-range plans for managing projects to completion

Course objectives:
- development of the analytical and organizational skills required assessing complex project management challenges, and to develop and execute workable action plans; ability to anticipate non-intuitive linkages in critical decision making processes that have later implications on processes, people, products, and profits; - economics, tradeoffs, and managerial challenges associated with project management

Course Staff

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Professor Gaukhar Yeshenkulova

C.Ec.Sc. and Ph.D in Economics

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