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Media Text Writing

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About This Course

The course studies the details of literate writing of texts. Students will be able to distinguish between different genres and forms of writing texts for various media. Special emphasis is placed on how to write for the digital space so that the text is readable, understandable and causes a desire to read it to the end. During the course, the student creates a project work or journalistic material to fill his portfolio.

Course Goal(s): Learn to see the news in informational messages, write these news briefly, succinctly and very clearly, so that the reader understands what they are trying to tell him and why they are trying to tell him, write in an organized and fast way.

Course Staff

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Bogdan Petrov

Master of Social Sciences in Journalism, PhD Student in Journalism, Senior Lecturer, bogdan.petrov@astanait.edu.kz, Astana IT University, Expo, C1 block, 2nd floor, office C1.3.252

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