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Mathematical Analysis 2

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About This Course

Mathematical analysis 2 satisfies the university core curriculum requirement in Mathematics: “Students graduating from Astana IT University should be able to demonstrate the ability to apply quantitative and logical skills to solve problems.” It meets the TTU general education student learning outcomes for mathematics that students will:

  • Apply arithmetic, algebraic, geometric, statistical and logical reasoning to solve problems.
  • Represent and evaluate basic mathematical and/or logical information numerically, graphically, and symbolically.
Students will become proficient in techniques of multi-dimensional analysis, will learn such important concepts as a vector field, a function of several variables, partial derivative, introduction to differential equations, convergence of sequences and series, Taylor series, parametric equations, and polar coordinates, a line integral and multivariable integrals. This course is actually a natural generalization of the things you already know from Mathematical analysis I. The ideas of this course apply to numerous areas of human knowledge such as engineering, physics, mathematics, biology, and many others.


Students should pass “Mathematical Analysis 1” course before enrolling to the “Mathematical Analysis 2”.

Course Staff

Raikhan Madi

Raikhan Madi,

Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, Associate professor at Astana IT University, Department of Computational and Data Science.

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