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English as Language of Instruction (for History and PE Teachers)

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About This Course

It is generally considered that switching from the regular language of instruction into English it can be challenging for many content teachers. The aim of this course to provide pre-liminary support for this kind of teachers. The course has 10 video-lessons. Considering the workload of the teachers we made sure that the length of every lesson did not exceed 15 mins time limit. Although, we designed this course especially for History and Physical Education teachers we believe that the course can be helpful to any subject teachers who started teaching in English at university level. The requirements for the course are regular attendance and passing quizzes after every video lesson. The quizzes help to measure your own progress. Besides, to complete the course successfully we recommend you to read the sources provided in the references.


The course is for any subject teachers/instructors who has English level no less than 6.0 score in IELTS or CEFR minimum B2 level. The course can be taken by using smartphone, tablet or PC.

Course Staff

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Aray Rakhimzhanova

Aray Rakhimzhanova has an MA in Cultural Anthropology from University of Roehampton in London. After gaining her PhD in 2020 from Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey, she began to work at Astana IT university as an Assistant Professor in Social Sciences department. Her research interests include such areas as diaspora identities, minority languages, ethnic and cultural identities.

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Ariya Seidin

Ariya Seidin received her MA in Multilingual Education from Nazarbayev University’s Graduate School of Education. Before joining Astana IT University as an English instructor, she had experience working at a trilingual school in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Her research interests include CLIL, multilingual education, EMI, language identity, and language ideology.

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Togzhan Almas

Togzhan Almas completed education with a Master’s degree in “Foreign language: two foreign languages” from Karaganda State University. Beside this, years ago she benefited from a scholarship to undertake an Undergraduate (mobility) at the University of Porto (Portugal) within the framework of the Mobile+2 project. Nowadays, she is an English language instructor at Astana IT university. She keeps writing scientific articles on various topics including information learning environment, multilingualism, and updated education content.

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Moldir Smagulova

Moldir Smagulova has MA in Humanities from Kazakh Ablaykhan University of International relations and World languages and she is English language instructor at Astana IT University. Her research interests include ELF, Multilingual education and Cognitive linguistics and constantly develops her teaching methods and qualifications. She has certificates from Nottingham Trent University, Magdeburg-Stendal University, ILO UN (Geneva, Switzerland).

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Nariman Ishmukhambetov

Nariman Ishmukhambetov has a MA in International Educational Management from Leeds University, UK. He has 15 years of experience in education, currently working as an English language instructor at Astana IT University. His research interests include teaching English as Second Language acquisition, formative assessment and feedback for learning, how teachers best create and strengthen relationships with students to increase student motivation.

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Assel Salkenova

Assel Salkenova received her MA in Gyeongsang National University (Republic of Korea). She is an English language instructor at Astana Astana IT University. Assel has an experience working in language schools in South Korea. Her research interests focus on CLIL, power of formative assessment, approaches for teaching and learning, feedback methods.

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Ainur Baizhanova

Ainur Baizhanova received her MSc in Educational Leadership from the Graduate School of Education of Nazarbayev University, and she is a senior English language instructor at Astana IT University. Ainur has experience working in national, international, and private universities of Kazakhstan. Her research interests include English as a medium of instruction, English language communication in project management, and higher education leadership.

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