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Introduction to Programming

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About This Course

This course is developed to learn programming fundamentals and writing algorithms in C++ programming language. During this course, you will improve your programming skills, writing simple algorithms using C++ technologies.

Course goal(s)

Giving the student an initial base in the C++ development, with an emphasis on learning basic programming principles, ranging from I/O operations, variable management, using flow control capabilities and implementation.

Course objectives:

  • To demonstrate knowledge of C++ syntax
  • To understand basic programming principles
  • To solve programming problems using C++;
  • To apply elementary techniques involving arithmetic operators, mathematical and logic expressions in C++ programming
  • To develop C++ programs that use sequential files for input and output.

Skills and competences:

  • The instructor will ensure that class time is worth your while for attendance, assuming the students have done the readings and homework.
  • The instructor will also refrain from electronic communication to others during class time.
  • The instructor will not leave the classroom for reasons other than emergency or illness.
  • The instructor will strive to return exams, assignments, and projects in a timely fashion.
  • The instructor will strive to enforce the course and college integrity policies fairly with integrity.

Course learning outcomes:

By the end of this course the students will be able to:
  • program with basic features of the C++ programming language
  • write C++ programs that use selection (if, switch, ternary operator)
  • write C++ programs that use loops (while, do-while, for)
  • understand basic use of arrays in C++ programming
  • understand functions in C++ programming
  • understand the concept of pointers in C++ programming
  • understand the usage of structs


The course "Introduction to Programming" is based on the knowledge gained by a high school student in the courses of "Computer Science" and "Mathematics".

Course Staff

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Aibatbek Aigerim

MSc in Computer Science for Aerospace, senior-lecturer, aigerim.aibatbek@astanait.edu.kz, C3 block, 3 floor, office C1.3.354

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