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International journalism

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Course description

The course introduces students to the study of international journalism and news media system in a globalizing world. It will not only place a strong emphasis on the practical aspects of international journalism, but is also designed to develop students’ ability to critically analyze the purpose and structure of international journalism and to evaluate the processes and products of both Western’s mainstreams media’s world news coverage and Asian mainstreams media’s world news coverage, including CNN, AP, New York Times, The Guardian, BBC, Reuters, CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, NHK, South Morning Post, and Strait Times. Moreover, the course will develop a profound understanding and appreciation of how the news reporting inform and shape what we know about today’s world.

Course goal(s)

The course is designed to cultivate the students’ ability to think critically and creatively from a professional perspective at news communication issues between developed and underdeveloped nations and to cope with the fast-moving changes in the world of media.


Foundations of Journalism

Course Staff

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Shynar Shakenova

MA in Media and PR, lecturer, s.shakenova@astanait.edu.kz, Astana IT University, EXPO, C1 block, 2nd floor, office C1.3.351.

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Ainur Slamgazhy

PhD in Communication, Assistant Professor, a.slamgazhy@astanait.edu.kz, Astana IT University, EXPO, C1 block, 2nd floor, office C1.3.351.

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