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IT Risk Management

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About This Course

The course covers the area of risk management in the context of a project. It highlights the importance of risk management and the need for project managers to think about it in advance. The course contains basic risk management theories and concepts applicable to the project environment, including planning, preparing and responding to project risks. The course covers the areas of risk identification, assessment, monitoring and control. As part of this course, students will be introduced to methods of qualitative and quantitative risk analysis.

Students will learn: • how the risk management process works as part of a compliance framework • to use frameworks to identify, assess and analyze risks in a business context • to apply appropriate risk responses • to design and integrate strategies for reporting and communicating risks to various stakeholders • to use a monitor and review process, and apply risk management as an iterative process.

Course Staff

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Arman Zhapparov

Master of Science in Information Systems and Business, Senior Lecturer, arman.zhapparov@astanait.edu.kz, Astana IT University, Expo, C1 block, 2nd floor, office C1.1.335).

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