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History of Kazakhstan

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Course description

Modern History of Kazakhstan helps students to percept complex knowledge on history of Fatherland, to identify true history based on facts, evidence, written and archival records, research analysis and develops historical consciousness in accordance with national priorities and modern challenges.
Modern history of Kazakhstan covers events, facts, processes and historical patterns which took place in XX century up to our days. This course is very important because it is a state-significant academic discipline which develops Kazakhstani identity and brings its contribution to the development of students’ knowledge.

Course goal(s)

To give a fact-based analysis on development of state-building of Kazakhstan, continuity of historical and cultural development; to bring contribution to the research outlook and civil position of students; to develop national spirit and respect to the National history.

Course objectives

  • systematization of historical knowledge about the main events of modern history that form the scientific worldview and civic position;
  • creation of a scientifically grounded concept of the modern history of the Fatherland, based on a complex and objective coverage of the problems tied to ethnogenesis of the Kazakh people, the evolution of forms of statehood and civilization on the territory of the Great Steppe and the totality of the most significant historical facts and events;
  • presentation of scientific and historical knowledge on Kazakh development model during the period of accelerated modernization and the emergence of the republic in the direction of economic, ideological and cultural self-sufficiency;
  • creation of an ideological and spiritual basis for the consolidation of the multi-ethnic and multi-confessional Kazakhstani society;
  • to presentation research principles that identify a unique and significant place in the history of modern Kazakhstan in the context of world history.


School disciplines on History of Kazakhstan, World History, Geography.

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Assel Auzhanova

Associate Professor

Course Staff Image #2

Nurbek Shayakhmet

Associate Professor

Course Staff Image #2

Saule Mamytova

Associate Professor

Course Staff Image #2

Kairat Battalov

Candidate of historical sciences

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