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Cultural Studies

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Course Description:

This course directs to reveal features of the national culture development in context of the world culture and civilization by studying next topics: structure of culture, language of culture, semiotics of culture, anatomy of culture, and historical development of culture in Kazakhstan from ancient until modern times.

Course Goal:

Formation of social and humanitarian worldview of students in the context of solving the problems of public consciousness modernization, defined by the state program «Looking to the future: modernization of public consciousness».

Course Objectives:

  • mastering basic concepts, theories and approaches to study of culture;
  • formation of representations about the basic principles of culture;
  • development of skills for describing and analyzing current problems of culture;
  • formation of critical thinking skills and ability to apply it in practice.

Requirements and Prerequisites:

History of Kazakhstan.

Course Staff

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Uyzbayeva Anar Assanovna

Associate professor at Astana IT University, Department of Social Sciences.

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