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Calculus 2

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About This Course

The distinct feature of this part of the course is its focus on multi-dimensional analysis, as opposed to the one-dimensional analysis that you learned in Calculus I. This semester you will learn such important concepts as a function of several variables, partial derivative, a line integral, and multivariable integral. You will see that these concepts, as scary as they may sound, are actually a natural generalization of the things you already know from Calculus I. The ideas of calculus I-II apply to numerous areas of human knowledge such as engineering, physics, mathematics, biology, and many others.

Course Goal(s)

The course aims to extend the methods of calculus of one variable to calculus for functions of many variables, that is, calculus on higher dimensional spaces. This involves concepts such as multiple integrals and partial derivatives, which enable us to make sense of the idea of length of a curve, area of a surface, and maxima and minima of functions of many variables.

Course Objectives:

  • To demonstrate knowledge of mathematical knowledge.
  • To understand basic mathematical principles (proving, solving).
  • To understand surface sketching, partial derivatives, directional derivatives, geometry of curves, geometry of surfaces, maxima and minima, infinite series, ODE, multiple integrals, line and surface integral.
  • To develop mathematical abilities in writing programs by computers.


Calculus 1, Linear algebra.

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Samat Kassabek

PhD, Associate professor, Astana IT University, Expo, C1 block, 3nd floor C1.1.336

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