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Business Administration

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About This Course

This course provides for students to acquire knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes in the theory and practice of basic research in Busines Administration. Studies the organization of business and entrepreneurship in a particular area, examines the specific features of the development of business environment, business issues and functions, and the major forces at work in the global digital economy.

Course goals
- understanding basic Economy and Business Administration concepts; - recognizeing the role of companies in national and world Economy and how they adapt to different economic situations; - rising awareness about relevant demand and supply side considerations, management, financial and marketing strategy (reasons and motivations for business administration)

Course objectives:
- to know basic Business Administrations techniques related to risk evaluation, growing strategies, resources optimization, marketing tools; - to evaluate the economic, and other, costs-benefits of development from the perspective of different stakeholders; - to distinguish different areas of expertise in the field of Business Administration: Direction, Marketing, Finances, Investments.

Course Staff

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Professor Gaukhar Yeshenkulova

C.Ec.Sc. and Ph.D in Economics

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