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Algorithms and Data Structures

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Course description

“Algorithms and Data Structures” is a 10-week course, where the main focus is designed on solving computational problems that involve collections of data. Students will study a core set of data abstractions, data structures, and algorithms that provide a foundation for creating and maintaining efficient programs and algorithms in particular, and software in general.

Course goal(s)

Course goal is to provide a solid background in algorithms and data structures for computer science, telecommunication and information security students, in preparation either for a job in industry or for more advanced courses at the graduate level.


“Introduction to programming C++”, “Object-oriented programming (Java)”

Course Staff

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Aibatbek Aigerim

MSc in Computer Science for Aerospace, Senior-Lecturer, aigerim.aibatbek@astanait.edu.kz, Astana IT University, Expo, C3 block, 2nd floor, office C1.3.354)

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